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Seen and Anchored

Empowering Parenting Stories - I am a collector of stories that shine the light on how parenting our children comes from our past and how we can make a brighter legacy for generations to come!

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Owning who I am

As I sit with my boys waiting for my husband (daddy) to get home for dinner, I have a question in my mind. What makes me who I am?...

No Magic Wand!

"I just wish I had a magic wand!" We have all heard this phrase before. The truth is that life and parenting can be so unpredictable. Any...

I see and I honor you!

Hi there parents! May I share something with you that I had been told in 2015? "You are not mental. Mental illness happened to you." This...

A Second Chance

She came from a Christian family attending church in a little town in New Mexico. Her Dad was the choir director and her parents worked...


My Story: I am the youngest of three. I don’t remember a time when my parents got along. My mom had more of a passive personality and my...

Somewhere in Judah

Ever feel like every day is the same? Get up try and use the bathroom before little mouths wake up hungry, immediately get breakfast on...

Come to the Lighthouse

I wrote a song recently called, "Come to the Lighthouse." It's beautiful, but still needs to be worked on so I'm not ready to share it...

A New Legacy

What was your childhood like? The first part of my childhood was not so great. My father was an alcoholic and traveled for work so he...

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