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Somewhere in Judah

Ever feel like every day is the same? Get up try and use the bathroom before little mouths wake up hungry, immediately get breakfast on the table, try to spend some time with God, throw on a movie or show that has already been asked for like the 400th time, just as you are about to eat yourself your adorable 5 month old wakes up so that's out because he needs to nurse. Your older son is watching T.V. your youngest is nursing and just to have some "you" time you are on your phone checking Facebook. It's not even 9 in the morning. Many mornings go by with this same routine it can get boring at times. Today however I got a beautiful "download" from God about how to see the mundane days of being a stay at home mom. Turn with me to John 6. The story of Jesus feeding the five thousand struck me in a fresh way this morning. No one could have predicted what miracle was about to take place from such an ordinary lunch. I'm sure a lot of people could read over this story and not feel the impact of it but let me share what I just learned! Somewhere in Judah a mama packed this boys lunch! Somewhere in Judah a mama was packing this boys lunch most likely the same day in day out with nothing significant to show for it. She was doing what God had called her to do! She was being the role he asked her to be. She was putting food on the table, doing laundry, washing dishes, but she was about to have a profound awakening. She has been teaching her son important lessons how to be kind, how to offer what you have even if it is a bagged lunch, she has been teaching her son about Jesus and on this ordinary day she would hear the most extraordinary story!! This mama and her efforts to lead her son were going to all pay off!! The scene is set the boy hands the disciples his lunch 5 loaves of bread two fish and Jesus then takes this boy's lunch and blesses it gives thanks to God and now everyone is wondering what happens next!! The miracle of all miracles!! He feeds five thousand people that day!!! Can you imagine the look of sheer amazement that came over this little boys face? If his mama was there I'm sure tears were welling up in her eyes thinking something like he sees and hears me and because he hears and sees he responds! This ordinary lunch became a supernatural sign from Jesus to potentially the mama who desperately needs to see Jesus working. Are you there too? Are you that mama that feels like everyday you are obedient to the call in your life and it just feels so mundane? Mama if you are doing everything you do for the glory of Jesus be blessed because your reward is coming!!! It may not be feeding five thousand people but maybe in the silent prayers you never dare share to another soul. Jesus hears and sees you! Be encouraged mama!! He may keep you a stay at home mom or he may call you to work outside of the home.

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